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A Social Media Strategy and Management Company for Busy Brands and Creatives

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Back to the Basics

Yo. Unless you're Britney Spears, endlessly posting videos on social media platforms is not what is going to get you noticed. A strategy, a plan, building a system that actually works for you... is. 


We work with brands and businesses to 300x your reach by building organic systems that generate leads on tap and create the buzz you need to attract your target audience online (and then some).

Our Signature Services

As Seen in ...

  • Magnetic Marketing

  • Exponentials of Paid Media 

  • Sales Flows That Vibe

  • Platforms of The Future

Beauty Model

Beauty brand

  • Branding

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Advertising

Business Lunch

Bar/ Restaurant

  • Website Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Content Development

Modern Home

Wellness Coach

  • Magnetic Marketing

  • Exponentials of Paid Media 

  • Sales Flows That Vibe

  • Platforms of The Future

Traveling with Handbag

Travel Company

  • Magnetic Marketing

  • Exponentials of Paid Media 

  • Sales Flows That Vibe

  • Platforms of The Future

Green Juices

Growth Marketing

Social Media Management

  • Post Strategy + Story Templates

  • Growth-Optimized Hashtag Strategy

  • Engagement Assistant

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Monthly Analytics

Social Media Advertising

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns

  • Instant Traffic and Conversions

  • Lead Generation + Custom Funnels

Social Media Managment



Social Media is the #1 most effective way to grow your business in 2021. Our social media management team creates custom graphics and utilizes trending hashtags and personalized captions to find and keep the audience you desire. Our unique growth strategy will grow your social media channels organically, with real people who are really interested in your business. The two pillars of our unique social media strategy are brand awareness and engagement. So rest assured your accounts are in much capable, results driven, hands. 

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How it works

An account manager will go over your social media aesthetic and growth goals in order to devise the perfect custom strategy for your business. From there our visual designer will prepare post and story templates for your approval.  This usually takes about 1 week and will be implemented upon approval. From there, sit back and watch your social media grow. 🌱

You will always have access to your own social media channels. You will be given all templates as well as suggested content and posting times so if you do decide to post on your own, we can work together as a team. You are responsible for all customer service aspects including responses, reviews, and messages. 


*Engagement Assistant can be purchased additionally to assist with these customer service matters. *PR Assistant can be purchased additional to be submitted to monthly influencer and networking communities. 

I'm ready to grow my social media!

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