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Beauty Model

Beauty Salon

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Youthline supports at-risk youth within NZ and was looking for a way to connect with youth that may be too nervous or shy to reach out to them. We developed a “Madlibs” app for Youthline to help them engage with at-risk youth in NZ. ⁣




The Solution

We developed a mobile app platform re-creating the nostalgic “Madlibs”, using four stories that discussed topics that many of these youth were facing in their lives and allowing users to select random adjectives and verbs to connect and build affinity through humor. We also allowed users to submit their own stories. Facebook ads were used to drive app downloads and usage.

The Result

2,798 downloads in two week period using an $800 budget.  Youthline reported a 2% increase in youth contacting them for support during a four week period following the campaign.

Take a Look Inside:

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Beauty Case Study Overview
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