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Private Chef/Catering

  • Website Redesign

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Lead Generation

  • Social Media Management


Owner and Operator at Catering Company in Miami, FL had a very minimally established business. The website was not finished and they were not active or present on social media and directory channels. This Catering Company wanted to gain leads through SEO, but needed all the "foundational" work done first. This is where YMA came in. 


The Solution

We developed the website to include SEO-optimized pages, a new blog, a gallery page, service pages, and direct call-to-action(s). We then implemented a 4-month SEO plan to start ranking in local and regional areas and began a social media content strategy to introduce services to both search and social networks. We then implemented an "off-page" strategy including social media outreach and backlink profiles. By having a strong brand presence and showcasing offers and authority in the catering industry, this client was able to generate over $50,000 in online leads without paid ads. 

The Result

  • At Month 1, we generated 2 leads simply from being present online.

  • At Month 3, we were ranking for top keywords in the local area and generated 4-6 leads/month. 

  • At Month 4, we ranked for additional keywords in the extended regional area seeing aand saw  6-8 leads/ month, gained listings in 3 online publications, developed an invoice and payment system, and optimized all platforms for future organic growth. 

Take a Look Inside: 

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