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Get The Shot! 5 Pro Tips for Capturing Great Content

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Content is Numero Uno

When it comes to social media, content is KING. And one of the greatest tips we can give you - if nothing else - is to just start.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to post professional grade photos and videos to get your message across. Nowadays, a simple Iphone can produce a majority of your content.

The truth is, you are doing yourself and your potential customers a disservice by not posting consistently. So if "getting the shot" is something that holds you up when it comes to posting, we got you covered.

And one of the greatest tips we can give you - if nothing else - is to just start.

Here are 5 PRO TIPS for getting GREAT shots:

1. Select the right equipment.

When it comes to content creation, having the right equipment is essential. You can invest in a good quality camera and lenses- but honestly, an Iphone can work just as well to start. At YMA, a majority of our content is shot on phones. You also want to invest in some key accessories, including a: tripod, ring-light, camera light, and portable charger. Our favorite recommendations are linked.

2. Make sure you have plenty of light.

Natural light is the best for content creation, but make sure you have enough of it! If you need to, you can use a reflector to help you get the most out of the light you have. This is where it would be handy to have that camera light mentioned in tip #1.

3. Be creative

Content creation is all about being creative so don't be afraid to think outside the box. Use props, experiment with different angles, and try out new techniques. Your perspective is unique to you and your community will enjoy seeing your business from your POV. For inspiration, try looking at other businesses or creators in your niche! See what is working for them and what inspires you.

For inspiration, try looking at other businesses or creators in your niche.

4. Don't forget the details.

Pay attention to the small details that can make a big difference. Things to pay attention to include: the background, the composition, the lighting, the people, and the time of day. Content can be engaging based on the environment alone. Look around, what can you add? How can you make your story more relevant? We are believers that small details can go a long way.

5. Take LOTS of Pictures/Videos:

This is a big one. Don't be afraid to take more than enough pictures/videos. This will give you plenty of options to choose from when you go to edit. Snap pictures and take 10 second video clips like it is going out of style. Say it with me now: EVERYTHING IS CONTENT!

Capture it all! This can be helpful especially when expanding your team. Having a library of captured content gives space for creating more content with a fresh take. Work smarter not harder!

Bonus Tips straight from our in-house TikTok marketer

The rise of TikTok has given "Great content" a whole new meaning. If you are ready to take your content to the next level here and on any platform, here are tips for camera angles specifically when capturing content:

  • Shoot from different angles to capture different perspectives - try shooting from high, low and eye-level angles to help add a unique element to your content.

  • Capture a mix of close-ups and wide shots - close-ups can help emphasize an important element while wide shots can help establish the context of the scene.

  • Incorporate creative camera movements - try using techniques like tracking shots, panning, tilting and dollying to add another dimension to your footage. Pro-tip: You can find a lot of these feature in-app and can add during the editing process.

  • Experiment with different lenses / equipment - different lenses / equipment (ex: drone) can help create different visual effects. Experiment with different focal lengths to see what works best for the scene or get your hands on different equipment or professional videographers in order to capture that high quality content you desire!

We hope this helps ~ happy content shooting!

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