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Holiday Season Ad Hacks - Facebook 2022

We all know that with the holiday season comes a rise in Facebook CPM and CPC costs. Conversions can increase dramatically (hello holiday shoppers), but so can the pool of hungry holiday advertisers! Here are a few Facebook Advertising holiday hacks we have tested to ensure your ROIS stay in tact this season:

Holiday Season Ad Hacks- Facebook

1. Optimize for the Proper Conversion - This may seem like a no brainer but is often overlooked during the "rush" season of Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. The market generally floods with advertisements for the sake of impressions. A lot of businesses have the mindset of whoever can be shown the most, wins. This can not be further from the truth. A flooded market means it is time to think about how to make ads more relevant to your audience before it even hits the first testing phase- is it the creative, the targeting, the ad copy? Creating direct, targeted messages will capture your audience more effectively than flooding their feeds with mediocre, and often cheesy, ads.

How to speak directly to your audience is always a winning game.

Also, be sure the proper funnel is connected to help build out these audiences, whether you are focused on cold or warm sets. Remember your long term goals of converting cold audiences | to warm | to clients | to repeat business and you will see your holiday conversions increase instead of fizzling or getting lost in the crowd.

2. Utilize Social Proof - Social proof is highly under estimated in the advertising world. We must remember Facebook is an engagement platform; therefor the social community values engagement above most other factors. If there is a post that is doing dramatically better than others, with increased likes/comments/and shares, utilize this traffic by using the same post for an ad! You can physically choose this creative or input the post ID at the ad level on Ads Manager. Facebook will value this as organic traffic and increase your quality and relevance scores now that you are increasing engagement.

This also plays into the psychological response of your audience. If a post already has hundreds or thousands of likes, someone is much more likely to hit that thumbs up as well. A post with higher engagement boasts higher authority and appears less threatening for an audience member to then "be a part of".

A couple things to watch out for:

Make sure your post's meta data is thoroughly reviewed as it will appear exactly the same in your ad. This means to make sure you visual/creative is of good quality, the verbiage is targeted and direct, and your post includes a clear call to action. You can also boost a post on the front end for a couple days (3-5 days should be sufficient) to gain this social proof and then go into Ads Manager to activate the ad.

2. Consistent Call to Actions - Another way to optimize for conversions this holiday season is to make sure every ad has a clear CTA. You can add a button to a post on the front end, so again leveraging a call to action from the beginning to gain social proof will then translate into your ad via ads manager.

Holiday audiences are primed to point, click, buy. Be sure to keep you call to actions clear, direct, and precise. We advise clear call to actions in EVERY post, ad, and story.

3. Peep Saved Post Audiences - Saved posts is another very underutilized tool for Facebook advertisers. When you are creating look-alike audiences, Facebook gives you the option to show to people who have 1) visited your page, 2) engaged with any post, 3) clicked previously, 4) messaged you previously, or who have 5) saved your "Page or any post". See Example Below.

Though all look alike audiences are targeted groups that can greatly boost conversions dependent on your specific goals, saved post audience is an excellent tool to stand out from the holiday masses. In our own testing, we have found these audiences to be more invested in the product or service and therefor, have a higher conversion rate than say page visitors. Which makes sense, right? This audience has taken the time to save your page or post specifically in the last year (or specified time) putting them further along in your sales funnel. Remember to utilize these look-alike audiences with an audience size of 1,000 or more.


We hope you find success with these holiday ad hacks, please let us know your results in the comments!

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