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How To Plan The Best Website In Four Simple Steps

How To Plan The Best Website In Four Simple Steps

According to every web professional and expert designer out there, planning a website beforehand is the single most crucial step towards a successful launch. This plan is called a Site Plan, and you can create it in four easy and necessary steps.

As a general breakdown, they are the following:

Step 1: Brainstorming Ideas

Step 2: Clustering The Ideas And Making Themes

Step 3: Creating Simple Outlines For Pages

Step 4: Fleshing Out A Document

Let's hop into the details! But first...

What's A Site Plan?

In terms of architecture, site plans are a bird-eye view of an empty piece of land. They predict and give an idea of what the ground will look like after completing a project. It has everything; all the details from parking lots to buildings and sidewalks. Such a plan prevents future confusions and time-consuming discussions because everything is already decided in the plan map.