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Let's Talk: Social Media and the onset of Chatbots

Updated: Dec 31

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What the Heck is a Chatbot, Anyway?

Chatbots. This term might be new to some users. You might have seen one on a website but are sure what it was. To explain, the tiny chat box that appears automatically, commonly on the bottom right corner of the screen, is called a chatbot. By technical definition *clears throat* it is a computer program simulated to communicate with human users regarding various topics.

One of the classic examples of a chatbot is the customer service chatbot seen on many popular websites and apps - illustrated in the image below.

example of a chatbot messenger

Source: Livechatinc

Apart from this chatbot, there are various other types of chatbots that are extremely helpful in managing customer requests while you are offline. Chatbots provide streamlined ways to automate our customer service and sales processes. Today, there are many chatbots to choose from for each various social media network.

Here in this article, we will take a look into various types of chatbots and how they can be good for your business. We will also establish an understanding of using chatbots with social media and how it is helpful.