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How to Build A Successful Instagram Page Without Showing Face

Ok, we have all thought about it haven't we? "How can I build a social media presence without showing my face"? or maybe even "What if my dog/neighbor/backyard could be the face of the brand instead"...

Whether you are looking for more privacy, creating a brand removed from personal images, or simply suck at taking photos ... here are three solutions to stay successful on Instagram.

How to Succeed On Instagram Without Taking a Single Photograph

Instagram is extremely popular in the marketing community as it has a great ROI and a huge monthly reach (over 1 billion active users).

However one obvious drawback to this mega marketing tool, is that is relies on visual appeal. At first glance, the app appears to require you to have some level of photography skills and the know-how to pull it all together in one cohesive feed.

While the app does have a primary goal of visual aesthetic, we're here to tell you that you can actually be successful on Instagram without taking a single photograph.

Here’s how to do so: