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How to Build A Successful Instagram Page Without Showing Face

Ok, we have all thought about it haven't we? "How can I build a social media presence without showing my face"? or maybe even "What if my dog/neighbor/backyard could be the face of the brand instead"...

Whether you are looking for more privacy, creating a brand removed from personal images, or simply suck at taking photos ... here are three solutions to stay successful on Instagram.


How to Succeed On Instagram Without Taking a Single Photograph

Instagram is extremely popular in the marketing community as it has a great ROI and a huge monthly reach (over 1 billion active users).

However one obvious drawback to this mega marketing tool, is that is relies on visual appeal. At first glance, the app appears to require you to have some level of photography skills and the know-how to pull it all together in one cohesive feed.

While the app does have a primary goal of visual aesthetic, we're here to tell you that you can actually be successful on Instagram without taking a single photograph.

Here’s how to do so:

Stock Photography

Stock photography is photography taken from the web, either for free or for purchase. Most of these sites let you simply search for a term and then download the images you want to use. It’s a great way to find a large resource of images that you can share, repost, or edit to make your own. For example, all of the photos on this blog were found in copyright-free (free to use) stock photography libraries. A few of our favorite websites include: PixaBay, Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Pexels, and iStock.


Another option is to use photography whether you take photos of yourself, of your world, or stock photography... and then edit it. This option works well with stock photo option. In this case, you might search for photos of people standing on mountains, or making other accomplishments, and then simply add artistic filters and quotes about success or motivation. This type of content is very popular and generates high engagement on Instagram. There are entire pages dedicated to this type of content.

The Work of Others

Another way to position yourself for success on Instagram is to share content that other users have taken. This could mean sharing post from others in light of supporting their services/products or this could be "reposting" original photography or quotes from their page. This is a very kosher method on Instagram - just be sure to tag the original creator or put "source unknown" if you do no see the author/creator. Another positive to sharing others content is that it increases exposure (or reach) for BOTH of your profiles. So in this case, everyone wins.

How This Translates to Video Content

In today's landscape, video content is rapidly growing. The same methods described above for photo content can be used for videos as well.

Our suggested stock videography websites include: Shutterstock, Mixkit, Pexels, Videezy, Pixabay, and Coverr.

You can also use Canva to upload and recreate or edit copyright-free content.

Additionally, these apps will allow you to save videos from TikTok and remove the watermark to then repost on your own apps.

  • SaveTox – Tik Saver & Repost

  • SaveTik: Save & Repost Video

  • TokRepost – Remove Watermark

  • TikSave – Save & Edit Videos

  • SnapTok – Tok Saver / Editor

  • TokSave – Repost Video For Tik

  • TikPro : Save Tictok Videos

Just like with sharing photography from others, be sure to include the original creator or business whenever uploading to your Instagram profile.

The Conclusion

Even on the most visually-based apps like Instagram, you can indeed succeed without taking a single photograph. By utilizing features such as repost, tags, and watermark-removal, anyone can now create appealing content for any industry.

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