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6 Types of Instagram Post That AREN’T Photos

If you want to be a smash hit on Instagram, then you have to know how to take a good photo right? Instagram is a visual medium, and the nature of these images is photographic. Its all about the aesthetic people often say.

If you don’t know how to take great photos, then you’re not going to be able to run a successful Instagram account. All sound about right?

But what if we could tell you, you're wrong? And you can actually show up on IG without fancy photos, equipment, or that camera assistant that everyone seems to have.

Woman at the beach with beautiful sunset

Types of Content That Does Not Require Photography

There are actually a number of ways to get great images for Instagram without being an amazing photographer. But more than that, you can also make a successful Instagram account using different mediums entirely. Here are some examples:

1. Text

Instagram lends itself well to text. That could mean inspiring quotes, it could mean short stories, or it could mean funny memes. These could be added on top of stock imagery, or they could literally just be text on white backgrounds. If people respond to the quote you’re sharing, then you might get a follow. There are many accounts dedicated solely to this type of content and THRIVE.

Womens quote text instagram profile bio with no photos

2. Art & Cartoons

While art & cartoons are struggling to thrive online right now, especially on sites like YouTube, Instagram provides something of a safe haven for this type of content. Many artists and cartoonists are thriving on Instagram currently. Their feeds act as a type of portfolio or storefront where a showcase of art is not only welcomed but supported.

Cartoon artist thriving on Instagram

Fine Arts Instagram profile showcase

3. Video

Videos are actually generating much greater engagement than photos on Instagram. But videos, like photos, do not have to be scripted or professional quality. You can make short videos with a smartphone, or with any other camera. You can even use screen capture (screen record) for things like tutorials.

4. Boomerangs

A boomerang is a very short video that lasts just a couple of seconds and that bounces back and forth repeatedly. They’re very trendy right now, and can be made with photos or short lips of video. Download the app specific for this type of content and experiment away! Pro tip - they are very easy to make!

instagram content for music artists

5. Music

You can gear content toward music by uploading a sound with any image or video. So a simple background, cover photo, or stock photo with a then added snippet of music makes for a complete piece of content, ,especially to showcase music or production skills. We recommend posting an image with the title and have your music play in the background for up to a minute.

6. Stories and Live

While these aren’t really examples of the regular type of post, you can actually run a successful Instagram account that is primarily a place for stories and live feeds. This might mean bringing people along on your adventures, or perhaps showing behind the scenes of your business. If it’s interesting and engaging enough, then your channel will grow by word of mouth.

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