Why the REACTIONS (!!) feature on Facebook is so important in 2020

Why the REACTIONS (!!) feature on Facebook is so important in 2020 💕

(See examples below)

This extended reactions feature has been available for nearly two years on Facebook- allowing your audience to choose more than a thumbs up 👍 or a thumbs down 👎.

Your audience can now choose between like, love, haha, wow, sad, or angry. Scroll over the "like" option if you have not seen these before.

But did you know Facebook publicly shows the top (3) emotions used on your posts and ads? And why is this important?


1) Because Facebook is learning how your posts or ads make people feel and is now weighing this in their advertising algorithms. Feels = Relevance.

2) In regards to organic traffic, posts that are "liked, loved, or shared" are more likely to receive higher impressions (aka shown to more people) than those that are "sad, angry, or haha".

3) When considering the psychological effect on social sharing, this ALSO means more people are likely to engage similarly.

Conclusion: Encourage your audience to react in hearts and likes either through call to actions, contests, or great content. Give Facebook all the feels and you will see your organic and paid traffic gain all the feels.


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